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Most children have a natural urge to play and move. Signing kids up for a sport allows them to release built up energy and learn many beneficial skills. However, not all kids are natural born athletes. For some children, the idea of a team sport may seem unappealing and frustrating. It is okay if traditional sports such as soccer, football, or basketball don’t catch the interest of the child. There are a ton of unique sports and activities that involve fitness and will keep kids active and healthy. Here are five unique sports that are worth exploring:


Popular movies such as The Hunger Games have popularized archery in the past few years. Archery is a great sport for children of all ages and abilities. Students can practice year round and have many opportunities for social interaction. Archery can be practiced competitively or socially. Children will develop many important skills, such as coordination, patience, and self-confidence. Archery is an active sport and as such, kids will also benefit from the muscle development and strength gained throughout their practices.


Gymnastics is an ideal sport for kids who are wishing to develop their strength, flexibility, and balance. The sport of gymnastics requires discipline and commitment. Children who stick will gymnastics will see their hard work pay off, building their self-confidence along the way. Not only is participating in gymnastics fun, but kids will develop their motor skills and coordination while learning new tricks.


Rugby is growing worldwide and is being played by individuals of all ages. One of the best aspects of this sport is that there is a place for everyone on the team, no matter your size, strength, or ability. Non-contact rugby leagues are popping up across the nation for kids, teaching them important values of respect, determination, and sportsmanship. Many who play the sport will share how the bond between teammates in rugby is unlike any other sport.

Circus arts

Whether it be juggling, acrobatics, or unicycling; it is clear that the circus arts are a great choice for creative kids who are looking for a less-obvious sport to participate in. Students will not only benefit from the physical aspect of circus arts, but they will become more confident in their abilities and performing in front of others. Circus arts build invaluable skills that kids may not be as exposed to in other sorts. For example, depth perception, hand-eye coordination, and ambidexterity.

Martial Arts

Martial arts is one of the best sports a child can practice to learn important values such as respect, leadership, and self-discipline. The lessons learned in a martial arts or karate class will stay with children throughout their lives. Students are responsible for setting goals and learning to respect themselves, their coaches, and their opponents.